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To Solve Your Hair Loss Without The Painful Surgery 




Established in 2019, Corin Jimenez, having over 13 years of experience, has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.


We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and exceptional services. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Scar Coverage

One of the most difficult things patients deal with are FUE/FUT hair transplant scarring. We implement color correction and a special technique to achieve a natural as possible finish look to provide healthy scar coverage.

Image to the right is a Before and After of Scar Coverage Treatment

Scar Coverage
Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair Coverage

Hair loss or thinning of hair is common to men and women of all ages' and demographics. This can be caused by lifestyle habits, medical surgery, stress, hereditary issue, etc. We provide customized treatments based on the severity of your hair loss.

Image to the left is a Before and After of Thinning Hair Treatment

Full Coverage

Many men and women suffer from balding and alopecia because of medical treatments, medications, medical conditions, and/or simply inherited. Full SMP is retrieving your natural hairline and providing coverage to your entire scalp to give it a look of a freshly shaved haircut.

Full Coverage
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 Yelp Reviews 


Hussain B.

Ashley M.

Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY

Chandra C.

Queens, NY

I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU CORIN! You are truly amazing at what you do. Over the summer I finally decided to get SMP. I went to a very well known SMP clinic after I was told that a very experienced technician would be working on my scalp. That technician happens to be Corin. As you know, SMP is something that you have to "wear" everyday, it is not something that you can leave to an inexperienced technician, unless Ofcourse you don't care about your appearance. Corin conducted 3 sessions for me and my head looked perfect. I then foolishly worked outside in the sun without wearing sunscreen and let me tell you, UV rays are public enemy number 1 when it comes to SMP. I panicked and went back to the original hair clinic, only this time, Corin no longer worked there. As a result, I had someone else work on my SMP. Now this person is a wonderful person but my smp came out patchy. It was uneven and when I complained, I was told "give it time, it will settle". People at work and at the gym we're easily able to spot my smp because of the unevenness, it was quite embarrassing. Fast forward two months and my wife had had enough. She told me that she was embarrassed and that I needed to do something about it. I appreciated her honesty and I contacted Corin, luckily Corin had just opened up her own SMP business and my head is back to looking sharp and I have regained my confidence. THANK YOU CORIN.

Put aside all the gimmicky and flashy marketing. GO TO AN EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN! CORIN IS THAT TECHNICIAN. She cares very much about her clients, she works extremely hard and she will never leave you stranded, also her prices are ALOT better.

If you are looking to get SMP, get a touch up or correct a bad SMP job.... CORIN IS WHO YOU NEED TO SEE.

Let me just begin by saying THANK YOU to Corin! Not only is she extremely  talented and skilled but she is so kind and personable during these length sessions. She always communicates what she's going to do next and has such a gentle touch and great technique. I have been slowly losing my hair and it has drastically thinned over the last few years due to an autoimmune disease. She gave me an extensive consultation where we talking about my needs and expect jobs and after my sessions I am blown away by my results!


As a woman it is very hard to deal with losing your hair and my confidence was at an all time low, but now I can wear my hair in different styles I can have confidence in putting my hair in a ponytail and not worry about my scalp showing. Corin has truly changed my life!!! I am so grateful to her words can't express. This is the best thing anyone with thinning hair or balding hair can do for themselves. I finally feel like myself again! The results speak for itself but I do have a before and after picture I will share in the hopes it will help someone make the decision to go see Corin! It's worth it!

I wore braids  for  many years and suffered with alopecia along my hairline.   Covered  up my hair loss  with wigs and more braids.   Feeling  hopeless,  I decided to try SMP.  I tried someone  who was advertising in a beauty salon. Spent hundreds of dollars and my hair looked even more awful. Then I met Corin. She worked at another  company.   She explained  the procedure to me and answered  all my  questions. She corrected the job that the previous  technician did.  

Corin is one of the BEST SMP technicians.  She is knowledgeable and professional.   She made me feel  confident that my decision  to give her a try would be one of the best  decisions I would  make.  It was the BEST decision!  Corin is an artist  who takes her time to ensure that you will look beautiful.   She gave me back my confidence and self-esteem.  I no longer wear wigs or braids.  I get compliments  all the time about how great my hair looks.   If you are looking  for a natural  look, give  Corin a try.  It would be one of the best decisions you will  ever make!

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Excited to hear from you!

A Hair Loss Solutions Specialist in Chelsea, New York.

Corin Skin & Hair Company is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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New York  NY 10011
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